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Starting two on a loop

Two on top of a loop string: The string is held with a finger or two of each hand hooked inside the loop. The technique of getting the diabolos going is very similar to two with sticks. To start, get one diabolo spinning on top of the loop. Then, hook the right hand string over a spare finger on your left hand. Throw the second diabolo in, and take the right hand end of the string back. From there, it's surprisingly similar to two diabolos with sticks. Correction works by tapping the diabolos with your fingertips as they drop down the right hand side. The loop means you only need to make a small hand movement to touch a diabolo.

Two inside a loop string: The easiest way to do two diabolos inside a loop is very similar to a two diabolo shuffle. The diabolos stay below your hands and move in a shuffle in the same way as a two diabolo shuffle normally moves. Correction is done with your fingertips. The string is not gripped - just let it move as it wants to - the weight of the diabolos stop it from falling off

Starting methods for two diabolo inside a loop string:

  • Get two going on top of the loop string as described above. When you're ready, use your right hand to open up the loop. You need to split the string so one side of the loop is further forward than the other one. When the gap is big enough, one diabolo will leave the doubled-up loop and will land on one of the two strings. It doesn't matter which. You'll end up with one diabolo spinning inside the loop and one spinning on top of the loop, and the string in two V shapes. From here, you can pop the top diabolo up and catch it inside the loop by moving the top half of the loop backwards or forwards to make sure the diabolo gets through to the bottom half of the loop.
    The video twoloop1.mpg (1.89MB) includes a demonstration of this start.
  • Get one going inside the loop then throw the second one in. You need to move the top half of the string out of the way to let diabolo 2 land inside the loop.
  • Get one diabolo going inside loop. Hold the loop in your right hand, and use your fingers to make the right side of the loop further forward than the left hand side. Then, throw the other diabolo at the string with your left hand. Aim for the part of the string which you are holding further forward. The diabolo should land inside the loop and the shuffle will hopefully start going.
    The movie 2in1handthrowin.mpg (299k) shows the 'one handed, with sticks' version of this start.
  • The two diabolo rocket start works inside a loop string. Lay it out as normal but with one diabolo inside the loop and one on top of the loop. Like before, you need to move the top of the loop forwards or backwards to let the other diabolo through.

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