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Right hand stopover

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This is one of the simplest two diabolo tricks. It's a good one to know because it breaks up the circular movement of the shuffle, and because it's a good foundation for loads of other tricks.

The sequence of pictures below shows how to get into a stopover. As a diabolo (the yellow one in the pictures) moves to the right hand side, the right handstick moves around it anticlockwise, catching against the string on the way through. After the string has hooked over the stick, the diabolo lands back on the string.

If you're used to stopovers with one diabolo, you're probably used to swinging the diabolo anticlockwise so it lands over the handstick and back on the string. This method will not work easily for the two diabolo version because you need to isolate one diabolo.

Rather than thinking about the diabolos, it helps to think about the string. With the right handstick pointing forwards, aim to hit the string between the diabolos with the stick. To begin with, it can help to aim what seems to be too far forward, so you are more likely to hit the string.

Once you're hitting the string properly, you'll find that the right hand diabolo ends up in a postition just like a one diabolo stopover. You can hold it in that position for as long as you have spin.

To get out of the stopover, move the right hand in a clockwise circle to make the diabolo unravel around the end of the right handstick. This movement makes the other diabolo leave the string, making the shuffle continue.


Left Hand Stopover - It is of course possible to get into a stopover on the left hand side. I find stopovers on the left hand side more difficult and less versatile so I seldom do them. If you do a stopover on the left hand side, you need to follow it with another on the right hand side (or a backwrap) to keep the shuffle going around the right way.

Double Stopover - Get into a stopover on the right hand side. Then use the same method to make a stopover on the left hand side. For the shuffle to continue properly, you need to undo the left hand diabolo then undo the right hand diabolo. Alternatively, you can get into a double stopover by quickly hitting the string between the diabolos with both hands.
Movie: doublestopover.mpg (639k)

Right Hand Double Stopover - This variation is quite tricky. Get a diabolo into a sticktrap on the right hand side. Try to get the diabolo as close to the right handstick as you can, to make sure you have lots of string available. Then, just go for the stopover! If it works, you should end up with both diabolos in a stopover position on the right handstick. To get out, just flick the diabolos back over the handstick. They should drop straight back into the shuffle.
Movie: rhdoublestopover.mpg (572k)

Continuous Stopovers - Explained here

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