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Continuous Stopovers

Video (810kb)

Pre-requisites: stopover

This one's a good stopover variation. It creates a nice visual effect as both diabolos move side to side 'windscreen wiper' style.

To begin with, get into a stopover on the right hand stick as explained in the stopover page.
Then get out of the stopover. At the same time, make another stopover with your left hand. Both hands need to move together. Again, it helps to think about hitting the string with the stick more than it helps to think about the diabolos.
That should leave you in this position - a left hand stopover. If you tried to come straight out from this you would have problems, because the shuffle needs the diabolo to return down the right hand side. This means that you must always do this trick with an odd number of stopovers.
So you will need to repeat that last move to make another stopover, this time on the right hand side. When this stopover lands, you'll be back to the right hand stopover position. From there, you can exit the stop over as explained on the stopover page, or do two more stopovers if you have enough spin.

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