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Pre-requisites: backwrap or stopover

This is a simple variation on the exit move used to get out of a backwrap or a stopover. It has good visual effect and can be used as a basis for loads of other tricks.

To start the trick, get into a normal stopover on the right hand side, and start to exit the stopover as explained on the stopover page. You could also use a backwrap here because the exit is just the same.
As the wrapped diabolo starts to drop down the right hand side, move the right handstick upwards between the diabolos, aiming to hit the bottom of the string with a point towards the middle of the handstick.
The diabolos should settle in this position.
When you are ready to exit the trap, pop the left hand diabolo over to the right. At the same time, point the right hand stick downwards and to the left so the trap slips off. Then let the trapped diabolo move over to the left hand side. The shuffle will resume once the thrown diabolo lands on the right hand side. on the right


U throw exit - This is a tricky one to understand at first. The best thing to do is go back to one diabolo. First, get the diabolo into a stick trap. Then, you need to make a move similar to a stopover on the right hand stick. Keeping your left hand over on the left hand side, swing the diabolo clockwise, making sure that the axle gathers the string between the hands from underneath. Once you have made the reverse stopover, move your right hand under your left hand and throw the diabolo upwards. If you've done it right, the diabolo should leave the string. When you've got that working, go for it with two. Once you've made the underarm throw, your right hand needs to return to the right quickly, ready to cach the other diabolo. When you've got that working, try making the throw as an underleg throw, a backcross, or even an albert!
Movie: sticktraputhrow.mpg (1.2mb)

Re-wrap - Instead of dropping out of the stick trap, you could swing the trapped diabolo anticlockwise back into a backwrap, then exit from the backwrap in the normal way.

Right Hand Double Stopover - Explained at the bottom of the stopover page.

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