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Stopover armtrap

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Pre-requisites: backwrap or stopover

I find this method of doing an armtrap easier than the 'standard' method. It's quite similar to the right hand sticktrap.

Start from a right hand stopover or a backwrap. Using a stopover will give you a little more time because it's a little slower, but both methods work.
Undo the wrap by making a clockwise circle with your right hand. As the wrapped diabolo moves down the right hand side, move your right forearm forward under the string between the diabolos.
The diabolos will settle in this position. Note that the right handstick grip has now changed - the stick is held in a pinch grip between the thumb and the side of the index finger, allowing it to point downwards.
This trap is a little trickier to come out of than a sticktrap, but the method is just the same. You need to throw the left hand diabolo over to the right, and let the trapped string fall off your right arm. To get this move right, go back to one diabolo. Get the diabolo into an armtrap, hold the right handstick parallel with the floor, and turn it anti-clockwise (viewed from above). The important thing is to make the stick move underneath the string so it doesn't get tangled. Once you've got this sorted out, it should work fine with two.


Stick swap - This one's a nice and silly variation. While you're in the armtrap, it's fairly easy to get both handsticks very close to each other, so you can let go of both sticks and snatch them in the opposite hand and then swap them back again.

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