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Left hand sticktrap

Video (658kb)

This trap uses the same method on the left hand side as the Right Hand Sticktrap uses on the right hand side. It's a bit more versatile than the right hand side version. It also provides a more relaxed looking way to get out of a frontwrap.

In this picture, the red diabolo is in a frontwrap and has been allowed to pass over to the left hand side.
Let the wrapped diabolo start to unwrap around the left handstick in the same way that you would get out of a frontwrap. Move the left handstick upwards underneath the string between the diabolos.
The diabolos should end up in this position. You need to make sure that the axle of the trapped diabolo is underneath the string between the diabolos. You may have a bit of trouble getting this right. Get used to it with one diabolo if you're having problems. Once the trapped diabolo lands in this position, it may appear to do a small string climb.
The trapped diabolo is now in a 'magic knot' - it appears to be knotted to the string, but is actually free to move. To get out of the trap, just let the string slip off the end of the left handstick and flick the trapped diabolo over to the right hand side, straight back into the shuffle.


Backwrap out - Instead of popping the wrapped diabolo out, you can do a backwrap to either of the diabolos to get slightly different effects.

Right hand stick grind - While in the trap, move the right handstick under the axle of the trapped diabolo. Let the diabolo grind on the handstick while letting it come out of the trap, and move it to the right. When it won't grind any longer, just let it drop back into the shuffle.

Throw both diabolos - You can throw both diabolos by moving both hands upwards. The relative positions of the diabolos in the trap means that the left hand diabolo will always land first, so the shuffle will continue as soon as the right hand diabolo lands. This is an ideal opportunity for a pirouette (or it would be if I could do a pirouette without falling over!).
Movie: frontwrap_sticktrap_throw_both.mpg (1.8mb)

Double Stick Grind - There's also an opportunity here for a double stick grind - after throwing both diabolos quite low as explained above, you could catch them both on the handsticks and let them grind for a few nanoseconds. The height difference in the throw means that you can just let the diabolos slip off the sticks and straight back into the shuffle.

Suicide - I've only just thought of this variation! It's surprisingly easy - just think of it as a one diabolo suicide. You'll need to give the diabolos a little swing to the right to give you the momentum, then just go for the suicide.
Movie: sticktrapsuicide.mpg (555k)

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