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Two diabolo movies

UPDATE - 8th November, 2004. I've finally got around to filming a few more tricks. They're mostly some of the suicide variations I've been playing with lately. They're straight from my digital camera at the moment - I'll have a look at getting rid of the sound and making them into .mpgs later.

And on to the older content of this page...

Here are the movies. If you use a movie player that lets you slow playback right down, you should be able to see what is going on in most of the tricks. If you're running windows, Irfanview seems to deal with them very well and lets you slow playback down, which will be very useful for some of these tricks!

If you're on a mac or are using linux, I'd recommend VLC, which is a great video player for most file formats. Actually, I recommend that for windows as well!

Some of the tricks here are quite similar to each other. Viewed directly from this page, they may not make a lot of sense. Hopefully they'll mean more when viewed within the context of the tricks pages. Or they will once I've managed to cover them in the tricks pages anyway!

Two diabolo starts
Two diabolo tricks
Two diabolo finishes

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