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The hyperloop is a very visual trick, which always seems to get a good response from an audience. The version in the video linked above is the one I think is the easiest.

The entry is quite similar to a right side sun. It starts the same, but this time, both diabolos travel only around the left hand. You can make that happen by keeping your right hand over on the right hand side while doing the sun. Make sure that you do the sun between your arms. If you don't, you'll end up with the wrong wrap. To help with that, it can help to do this entry on the end of a sun combo. The plan is to make both diabolos go around the left hand, then land back on the string so they end up with the string wrapped around them. The sun puts a left hand front wrap around both diabolos. If that goes right, the diabolos will start to whizz around each other (and probably end up in a tangled mess until you learn how to deal with them!).

To keep the hyperloop running, lift your left hand upwards slowly and keep your right hand low. Because the entry is a left hand front wrap, that means the diabolos are wrapped as if you'd done a right hand back wrapp. So when the difference in height between your hands gets big enough, the diabolos will fall out of the wrap, back into a shuffle. You can make the exit more sudden by moving your right hand down more quickly, but to start with, it's probably easier to just let the diabolos fall out of the wrap.

Instead of using the sun or a left hand frontwrap, you can get into this hyperloop by doing a right hand backwrap around both diabolos. Some might prefer that method, but I've never learned it!

Whichever method you use, the hyperloop will run better if you get the diabolos spinning very quickly before you do it.


There are loads of hyperloop variations - the trick seems to have become a base pattern for some people! Here are a few good ones to experiment with and expand upon.

Multiple wraps - Repeat the entry to get a smaller and faster hyperloop. You'll need to repeat the exit too. Longer string can help with this one.

Suicide exit - This one gets a page of it's own because the entry and the exit are different.

Suns - Try doing suns while the hyperloop is running.

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