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Standard suicide

Video (1484kb)

This trick could easily have fitted into the suns section. It's basically a sun in front of the hands. The suicide part is almost a by product. Letting go of the stick is just a convenient way of keeping the string from getting twisted!

As with one diabolo suicides, you need to let go of the stick as late as you possibly can. You can slow the suicide down by moving the end of the left hand stick in a large clockwise circle as the suicide goes round.

In the video linked above, I did a right side sun before the suicide, I guess I was just bored - it has no effect on the trick! The suicide could have been slower as well. And while I'm cricising myself, the catch could have been cleaner too! The better way to catch a suicide is to hold your right hand up with the palm facing forwards and your thumb out. The stick should land over your thumb so when you close your hand over it, you're back in a comfortable grip. I'm not great at doing that, but it looks a lot better and is more useful for linking tricks together.

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