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Hyperloop suicide

Video (1709kb)

This version of the hyperloop is roughly the same difficulty level as the version described on the hyperloop page. But instead of using a left hand front wrap, it uses a left hand back wrap.

It still starts with a sun, but this time it's in front of your hands so you don't need to turn with it. Let the diabolos go around your left hand, over the top and back onto the string. If everything is straight, they'll land in a hyperloop which will feel and look exactly the same as it would if you'd done the other entry.

To exit the hyperloop, all you need to do is drop the right handstick. You don't need to throw it or do anything to help it round - the momentum of the hyperloop will make it unwrap and come back to your hand slow enough for you to catch it.

You can get the same entry by doing a right hand front wrap around both diabolos instead of doing the sun entry - it's the same wrap in the end. Also, you don't have to suicide out - you can just reach around the front and undo the wrap. Some people seem to prefer that, but I find it clumsier than the other methods.


Double suicide (671k) - I'm not sure about the naming for this one, but it's a suicide while doing a hyperloop suicide so the handstick ends up going round twice. It's not quite the same as a suicide out of a double hyperloop. The video is very rough - I'll try to reshoot a slower version soon.

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