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This is the two diabolo version of the one diabolo 'chinese whip'. It's quite similar in technique to the stopover, but is more dynamic. It's useful to learn because it is used in so many other tricks. It's also useful because it's a quick way to accelerate the diabolos. The acceleration happens because the wrapped diabolo has lots of string against the axle, and the way it moves forces the string to pull against the axle, making it spin faster.

As a diabolo passes the right hand, move the end of the handstick anticlockwise around it like you would if you were doing a stopover. But don't hit the string with the stick - let the string wrap all the way round the axle.
When the wrap is complete you'll end up in this position with the string wrapped around the right hand diabolo. If you do nothing here, it will probably either slip down towards the other diabolo (if you use slippy string), or it will try to go into a string climb and have a good go at hitting you in the face. It's better to try not to let it do this.
As soon as the diabolo is wrapped, move your right hand in a clockwise circle to undo the wrap, just as you would to come out of a stopover. You don't need to worry about the left hand diabolo - just think about what the right hand one is doing.
As the right hand diabolo starts to unwrap, it's movement will cause the left hand diabolo to leave the string. You'll need to work out for yourself how much movement on the right hand diabolo generates the right throw height on the left hand diabolo. All the control here is from the right hand - although the left diabolo is thrown, the left hand does nothing different.
When the right hand diabolo finishes unwrapping, it will drop back into the shuffle. Let it move over to the left hand side so the other diabolo can drop down the right hand side and back into the shuffle. The diabolo that was wrapped will now be spinning quite a lot faster.


Every other pass - After undoing the wrap, let the shuffle go round once, then wrap and unwrap the next diabolo. If you use two different colour diabolos, you'll see that each one gets wrapped in turn.
Movie: backwrapeveryother.mpg (675k)

Every pass - This is a very fast trick. If you haven't managed to hit yourself with a diabolo yet, then this is the trick to work on. As the wrapped diabolo leaves the wrap, start wrapping the next diabolo. This trick generates loads of spin very quickly.
Movie: backwrapeverypass.mpg (571k)

Hover - When the right hand diabolo is wrapped, you can keep it wrapped for a while and pull up steadily on the handstick to make it stay in that position for a while. If you use slippy string, you may not have enough grip to do this trick.
Movie: backwraphover.mpg (467k)

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