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Pre-requisites: backwrap

This is one of my favourite two diabolo tricks. It took me an age to get it to work. To understand the trick, it's a good idea to experiment with one diabolo. If you make a wrap around the back cup of the diabolo with one hand, you can undo that wrap by unwrapping around the front cup with the other hand, and vice versa. This means that if you wrap around the front of a diabolo on the right hand side, this wrap can be treated as a backwrap by the other hand. Clever. Well I think it's clever anyway!

As a diabolo passes the right hand, wrap the string around the front cup. To do this, you'll need to reach in front of the diabolo. This wrap is trickier than a backwrap is. Instead of trying to circle the cup with the stick, you can get into the wrap more easily by pointing the right handstick between the diabolos, with the end of the stick at a point lower than the bottom of the shuffle. This uses the momentum of the diabolo to let it move into the frontwrap.
Once the diabolo is wrapped (the yellow one in the pictures), let it move over to the left hand side. You don't need to worry about the other diabolo yet. The wrapped diabolo will end up in a backwrap position on the left hand side with the other diabolo hanging below it.
As soon as the wrapped diabolo arrives in the backwrap position, you need to unwrap it on the left hand side in the same way that you would unwrap a backwrap on the right hand side. But doing this will make the other diabolo try to jump from the string. This would cause problems, as it would cause the shuffle to go round the wrong way. To stop that happening, you need to do a backwrap with your right hand while undoing the other wrap. Both hands need to move together like they would if you were doing continuous stopovers.
As the right hand backwrap on the right hand side starts to unwrap, the other diabolo should have become unwrapped, so the backwrap will make it leave the string and drop back into the shuffle.


Sun into frontwrap - Instead of wrapping the string around the front of a diabolo as it passes the right hand, you can 'miss' a sun to get the same effect in a more dynamic way.
Movie: sunintofrontwrap.mpg (725k)

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