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Rocket start

Video (352kb)

The rocket start is probably the best quick clean two diabolo start. The movie rocketsetup.mpg (532k) shows how to set up a rocket start. It is important that you make sure the two diabolos are touching and are lined up with each other perfectly. It's also important to make sure that there is no slack string.

The start is quite tricky to learn, but should become very reliable once you start to get it right. You will need to experiment with it to work out the exact movement you need to make. You need to make a diabolo pop straight upwards. If a diabolo flies off to the left, it means that you moved the sticks upwards too much and that you need to move the sticks more to the right. It is important to keep both handsticks together. If the handsticks are pulled apart too soon, the diabolos will move outwards too much. Because of this, I find it a lot easier to just use my right hand for this start. I hold both handsticks in a V shape in my right hand, and quickly grab the left hand handstick when I need to make the catch.

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