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Suns (AKA 'Round the worlds') are worth a section of the site to themselves, so here it is!

The main feature of a sun is that the shuffle gets swung in a large circular movement so both diabolos move around the hands, so the shuffle spends a moment completely upside down. They can be quite difficult to learn, but are well worth it. They look good in their own right but are also a good stepping stone for learning other tricks, and are good for linking tricks together.

As with so many other two diabolo tricks, the best thing to do is go back to working with one diabolo to get a better understanding of how things work. Play with doing suns with one diabolo while doing continuous orbits (That's the move where you get one diabolo moving in a circle so it's following the same path it would follow if you were doing two). With one diabolo you have a lot more room for error than you have with two. Watch the shape of your one diabolo suns. If they're not completely smooth, you're going to have trouble with two diabolo suns.

Pay attention to the 'push' you need to make to start a one diabolo sun - two diabolo suns are almost exactly the same. You need to apply that push to one of the two diabolos. The other diabolo is less important - once you get the initial push right, it will just follow the first one.

The tricks linked on this page are roughly in order of difficulty.

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